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Like Madonna, have mercy in Malawi

You have probably heard that Madonna has been given Malawi’s High Court permission to adopt 4-year old Mercy James…I do not want to enter into the rights and wrongs of this now, and am certainly not emailing you about how to adopt a child, but want to give you the opportunity to make a real, meaningful difference in Malawi in a hands-on way through voluntourism.

Malawi is one of Africa’s hidden gems, and we offer two scheduled trips to Malawi, and can tailor-make a trip to your exact requirements.

All of our trips in Malawi enable you to have authentic interaction with the Malawian people through your volunteer adventure.

You can assist in a fulfilling way at a registered charity in villages around Lilongwe, with:

· Orphan and other vulnerable children care (OVC) – help feed children under six, as well as give them basic education. You can help cook for the children and serve them;
· Home Based Care (HBC) – our Volunteer Project partner takes care of patients and people living with AIDS. You can go into the communities and help care for the patients, such as cleaning their homes, fetching water, and generally making their lives easier;
· Community Development Construction – you can help build Community Child Care Centers (provided your stay coincides with the timing of building work);
· Other teaching opportunities at all levels, including academic level;
· Gardening, planting and maintaining vegetable gardens and trees;
· Maintenance and renovation in the school buildings and sometimes in the huts of elderly or vulnerable people who can’t do the repairs themselves.

For scheduled trips, we offer:
1. A luxury adventure (“Malawi Magic“) that counts that combines the volunteering with sailing on Lake Malawi, relaxing on gorgeous Likoma Island, exploring wildlife in Mvuu Wilderness Safari Lodge in Liwonde National Park, and canoeing in Mumbo Island.
You can read more about this inspiring luxury trip by clicking here.

2. A budget camping adventure (“Malawi, Parks and Falls“) that takes you to Zambia, where you can enjoy game drives in search of the ‘Big 5’ in Luanda National Park, be in awe of the Victoria Falls, and visit tribal textiles workshops.
You can read more about this enriching camping trip by clicking here.

As noted above, you can also tailor-make your own Adventure That Counts to meet your exact requirements – just reply back to me and I will be glad to be of assistance.


Exploding myths of voluntourism Pt 2

Today’s myth is: “I am too old to volunteer”

We at Hands Up Holidays firmly believe that volunteering is not just for teenagers and GAP year students. In fact, we focus on trips that cater for you if you have even a few years work experience, through to if you have retired.

If you have specific skills, we can match them to projects that would benefit from them – this includes teachers and medical professionals but goes beyond this to marketing specialists, management consultants and even bankers!

Even without specific skills, with a lot of enthusiasm you can make a valuable contribution on a voluntourism vacation: get your hands dirty helping build a house in Namibia, be a one-on-one reading partner in India, or help conserve sea turtles with Aboriginal rangers in Australia, to name but a few.

And if you like your creature comforts, our trips are designed so that you can continue to enjoy these whilst volunteering…the accommodation on most of our trips is in 4-5* hotels. Luxury volunteering has arrived!

Also, all our trips are rated from 1-5 in terms of Activity, so if you prefer a more sedate trip, select a 1 or 2 level trip.

The volunteering on our trips lasts 4-5 days; it is a taste of volunteering so that you can find out if volunteering is for you. if you already know it is for you, we would be delighted to prepare a tailor-made volunteering trip for a longer period of time.

Come and join us for your Adventure That Counts!