Increase your geographic knowledge – and help end poverty

I stumbled upon a cool website, which is doing a fantastic thing in raising awareness about poverty, and doing it by way of a game where you test your geography skills. Depending on how close you put your ‘pin’ to the stated location, you ‘donate’ a number of cups of water to someone in need (I am not sure how that part works, but they seem trustworthy…they make their money form advertising, and fund the water donations from that – neat huh!).

Go play! Let me know if you beat my score of 429!

From their site:


The goal of many organizations is to end poverty. We intend to do the same, and we want you to contribute. By testing your knowledge on the map shown above, each correct answer means you will be donating 10 cups of water. We chose water as our primary source of donation, because it is something that all human beings need to survive. And around the world, there are many, too many people who don’t have access to clean drinking water; thus causing various illnesses. With your contribution, we may just be one step closer to ending poverty.


Every day, at least 30,000 people around the world die from poverty; most of whom are under five years of age. They die because they are undernourished, and do not have enough food or water to survive. More than 800 million people go hungry every day. This is 13% of the world population. How can you help? By playing this game on, each answer you get correct, 10 cups of water will be donated. Somewhere in the world, someone will receive it. And it will make a difference to their day.


How far would you go to end poverty? Your mission here is to locate the place given to you [e.g. Rome, Italy] and how many cups of water we donate on your behalf depends on how accurate your answer is. Once you have located one city or landmark, another location will be shown to you. You may play the game however many times you wish. Of course, the more you play and the more you are correct, the greater difference you will make with your donation. If your answer is correct, 10 cups of water will be donated. The further away you are from the location, the number of cups will decrease. If your answer is nowhere near the exact location, no cups of water will be donated. Therefore by playing this game, not only are you doing a good deed for others, but you are also gaining knowledge for yourself.


70% of a human being is made up of water. Water is the second most essential element for survival, after oxygen. Over one billion people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water; hence, causing them to develop deadly diseases. Moreover, without water, the brain is not able to function properly. One cup of water can make difference to someone’s day. FreePoverty allows you to donate as many cups of water as you can to save millions of people.


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