Beyond the buzzword: eco-luxe voluntourism

Eco-luxe voluntourism

Eco-luxe voluntourism

The travel industry seems to endlessly be coming up with buzzwords and jargon. “Staycations”, “glamping”…every season sees a new passing trend. When you hear the term ‘eco-luxe’ travel, you may be tempted to pass it off as just another of these flashes in the pan, but here at Hands Up Holidays, it’s an essential part of our voluntourism ethos.

A popular misconception is that you have to rough it to volunteer…perhaps that is because volunteering is associated with students. We understand that there are people who want to help and make a difference, and who want fabulous accommodation as well. The magic is in the mixing of the volunteer projects and then time in luxury hotels that also meet our sustainability standards.

Kenya - Eco-luxe voluntourism

Kenya - Eco-luxe voluntourism

You could stay in a luxury tented camp in Morocco, a solar-heated lodge in Brazil or a sustainably-built hotel in Thailand. If you’d like to contribute to and enrich your next holiday destination – while staying in style – then check out the eco-tourism page on our website.


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