Voluntourism and Indian festivals

Voluntourism in India - Festivals

Voluntourism in India - Festivals

October 6th saw one of the great world festivals taking place. Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami, Dasara, or Dashain) is a Hindu celebration marking the god Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana and the triumph of good over evil. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?
Dussehra is the culmination of the Navaratri festival – a joyous period of ten days in the Hindu calendar that is chock full of festivities and dancing.
It is a public holiday in India, with special prayer meetings and food offerings to the gods at people’s homes or in temples throughout the country. People also hold colourful outdoor fairs and in many towns and cities, there are large parades with effigies of the demon Ravana, which are burned on huge bonfires.
One of the country’s most famous and spectacular sights is the festival and procession in the town of Mysore in the state of Karnataka. Here, the goddess Chamundeshwari is paraded through the streets among the crowds on an elephant-mounted throne.
Special foods are sold and exchanged, including flat breads and spiced potatoes, households are blessed and many people believe it a lucky time to start a new venture or a journey.
In short, there’s an overwhelming pouring out of positivity, and it’s a wonderful time to be a visitor in the subcontinent.
October is crammed with holidays in India, in fact. Diwali takes place on October 26th, and Govardhan Puja, Bhai Duj and Halloween are all also celebrated around the end of the month.
There are colourful festivals and amazing sights to be seen all year round in India, though. Look into which ones appeal to you and coordinate your trip so you’re there to witness whatever takes your fancy. Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi and Govinda are among some of the most popular and exciting.
We have three Indian voluntourism tours to choose from, and all of them can put you in the heart of the action over some of the best times to be there.
You can choose from our luxury voluntourism adventure in Delhi and Rajasthan to an immersive voluntourism experience in the mangrove-filled Sunderbans
Happy Dussehra!


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