Machu Picchu on the endangered list

One of the world’s best loved sites, the incredible Incan village of Machu Picchu, was rediscovered 100 years ago this year. Around 1,800 visitors pass through the ruins every day, and as you can imagine, this places some strain on the maintenance and preservation of the site.

Voluntourism in Peru

Visit Machu Picchu as part of a voluntourism adventure

According to Ethical Traveler, UNESCO is considering adding Machu Picchu to its endangered list, such is the toll of deforestation and uncontrolled development. Unsuitable sewerage systems and local inflation are also a cause for concern. Peruvian authorities are issuing decrees, though, looking to keep the site accessible and at the same time funnel revenue directly into the preservation of what is one of the world’s great wonders.

Another way of seeing Peru and the Incan’s legacy is to look at responsible, sustainable voluntourism – check out the Incas and Amazons tour on the Hands Up Holidays website.


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