Voluntourism and clean oceans

Galapagos Clean Ocean Voluntourism

Galapagos Clean Ocean Voluntourism

Where would you go to find enough plastic cups, plates, forks and spoons to give a picnic for 100,000 people?

Well, you could try the world’s coastlines.

Add over a million plastic bags to that haul and you’ve got just some of the garbage collected on International Coastal Clean-Up day. The global operation, which relies on volunteerism, is promoted by Ocean Conservancy (www.oceanconservancy.org) and is this year celebrating 25 years of cleaning up our seas.

Nine million volunteers from 152 countries and locations have cleaned 145 million pounds of trash from the shores of lakes, streams, rivers, and the ocean on just one day each year each September.

Impressive stuff, and you can make a difference like this as part of a voluntourism trip to the Galapagos as you assist local fishermen to clean-up beaches normally off-limit to tourists.

Galapagos Wildlife Voluntourism

Galapagos Wildlife Voluntourism


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