Voluntourism in Morocco – Day 11

I had forgotten how much of a maze the medina of Fes is – and I thought Marrakech was bad!

Writer Paul Bowles recommends letting Fes carry you along in its rhythm, and this is definitely a fun thing to do, if you either have a very strong internal compass or don’t mind getting thoroughly lost!

Voluntourism in Morocco - Fes

Clucky chickens in Fes

Most of our voluntourism trips include Marrakech and not Fes, and I think for people on a limited time frame, this is fair, as the cities are broadly similar, and in my opinion Marrakech has the edge, if only because it is easier to get to, and our community development projects are near Marrakech.

However, Fes does have outstanding examples of Islamic architecture, in the medersas, beautiful gates, fascinating (but lurid) tanneries, and superior vantage points for watching the sunset at Borj Nord and the Merenid tombs, as well as a large Jewish cemetery and synagogue, evoking a bygone era when Morocco was a beacon for peaceful Muslim-Jewish relations.

Voluntourism in Fes, Morocco

Voluntourism in Fes, Morocco - stunning Islamic architecture


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