Voluntourism in Morocco – day 9

Time in the Sahara desert is another quintessential Moroccan voluntourism experience, and although it takes at least a couple of days (depending on how remote you want to get) driving to reach from Marrakech, it is worth it. Our friends at Dar Ahlam offer an exclusive luxury tented experience 4.5 hours from Skoura, which is perfect if you do not want to see another soul, and be at one with the sand, stars, and camels.
It truly is a ‘5 million star’ experience…
I had my own ‘marathon de sable’ time in the desert, although instead of a 3 day torture event, mine only lasted 40 minutes, and that was bad enough…and I had an incredible sunrise as my reward.

Voluntourism in Morocco

Sahara desert - a quintessential voluntourism experience for Morocco


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