Good news from Costa Rica – shark finning banned

Ethical traveler reports:
We just received some exciting news from Costa Rica: the country is making a serious effort to enforce its legal measures designed to control the barbaric practice of shark finning. A few days ago the international longline fishing vessel Hung Chi Fu XII was discovered landing shark fins at a public dock in Puntarenas, the Costa Rican environmental organization Pretoma reported in a press release. Since December 1, 2010, in a measure designed to close the legal loopholes that have enabled shark finning to continue, Costa Rica has required international fishing boats to use public docks for landing their cargo. Although international fleet representatives appealed the measure, Costa Rica’s Administrative Appeals Court ruled last Friday to uphold the law.
Although the sharks whose fins were on board the Hung Chi Fu XII are already dead, the discovery of the cargo represents a significant step forward. “The system is working,” said Randall Arauz, president of Pretoma. “Clearly, the international fleet needs the privacy of its private docks to hide its shark finning activities, but now it must respect our laws.”
Jorge Ballestero, also of Pretoma, added, “We have presented the case to the corresponding legal entities and Pretoma is hopeful that the guilty parties will be duly sanctioned. It seems like this is the beginning of the end for the international shark finning fleet here in Costa Rica.”
Thanks to all those who participated in Ethical Traveler’s anti-shark finning campaign last year for helping to make a difference on this issue.


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