Voluntourism with TOMS Shoes in South Africa – Day 1

Day 1 of the Voluntourism Adventure That Counts in South Africa

We headed out with the TOMS Shoes and Element crew to the Valley of 1,000 Hills just outside Durban, and made our way to the Indigo Skate Camp, an incredible initiative by Dallas Oberholzer, who was inspired to build a skate camp while traveling overland from Canada to Argentina. Through experiencing warm hospitality and friendship from fellow board riders, Dallas set out to build a village for skateboarders. A place where one could always be sure to meet like minded people who live to ride. The Valley of 1000 Hills is rich in culture and natural beauty. All the elements were there for the location of a permanent skate camp.

And what a setting – truly spectacular!

TOMS Shoe drop

A happy recipient and giver

The guys that ride there are impressive – some as young as 6, who have no fear, and admirable skills on a half-pipe.

Our trip was also in conjunction with Element Skateboards, for whom TOMS Shoes designed a board, and for each one of those that were sold, one is given to a child who cannot afford one.

So today was a special day where we got to give not only shoes to children in need, but also skateboards to guys who, I am sure will ride them until the wheels wear out, and some of whom may well go on to earn a living from their art.

Awesome rider

Skateboarding in the Valley of 1000 Hills


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