Volunteer in the US and get free admission to Disneyland

I like what Disney are doing here:

Normally when you volunteer for something, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart that lets you know you did something good for someone else. Now when you volunteer through Disney’s “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” program, you also get big mouse ears and a free day at Disney. Sound good?

Starting Jan. 1, you (and whoever else you’d like to see the Magical Kingdom with) can spend a day volunteering on projects coordinated by HandsOn Network. The group has 250 volunteer action centers around the United States, and has offered a partnership with Disney to bridge helping others with enjoying the magic of Disney theme parks.

The move also helps families who can’t economically swing Disney to see the park for free, and get their kids involved in the spirit of volunteering. These VoluntEARS get free reign of the park and can enjoy it all day without the cost of admissions.

So if you want to teach your kids about volunteering, Disney’s ‘Give a Day, Get a Day” is an awesome option. Check out disneyparks.com to participate.


1 thought on “Volunteer in the US and get free admission to Disneyland


    It is appropriate that Handsupholidays is involved with Disney Corp.

    Disney’s Corporate Mission statement (why thye exist) is: “To make people happy”.

    Could just as easily apply to the handsup holidays crew. Keep it up guys.


    Mark Copping


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