Biking in Buenos Aires

We did a great bike tour today, which took us back to La Boca, but we got to spend more time on this occasion, so we visited a small museum depicting early immigrant life. There were a few people who had just been  to Carnaval in Rio and Salvador who had amazing times; some of whom want to go back and be on a float! We also met an Australian couple on their way to Antarctica to run a marathon!!

Another guy, Canadian, who had come down via Bolivia, who visited San Pedro prison in La Paz, immortalised by the book ‘Marching Powder’ where the prisoners buy the quality of their accommodation, there are no bars on the cells, and where apparently one can buy the purest cocaine in Latin America…

And there was a woman from New York who was at Law School in Cornell with Audrey – they did not know each other but they have some of the same friends!

The bike ride returned from La Boca via San Telmo, lined with antique stores, it would have been fun to linger here…


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